• Project: Angst (personal project)
  • Director:  Christian Baumgartner

Christian Baumgartner explores emotions such as anxiety, fragility and stress, that are often inherent to the creative process. He does it this piece shot in slowmotion and produced by New Folder.

Inspired by the sensations experienced in the audiovisual creation processed, which are generated by a highly competitive and demanding environment, always with strict deadlines, Baumgartner inmerses us in a universe where the feeling of fragility and permanent restlessness shows the way to the creation of suggestive and subtle images.

Baumgartner is also responsible for the sound design, a fundamental part of this piece that ends up transmitting that mental anxiety associated to the audiovisual creation process.

  • Director: Christian Baumgartner
  • Executive Producer: Hugo Herrera
  • Producer: María Carrasco
  • DOP: Mario Lopez
  • Sound Design: Christian Baumgartner
  • Graphic Design: Rebeka Arce
  • Color Correction: Tano Martín

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new folder studio
C/ San Rogelio 6
28039, Madrid

new folder studio
C/ San Rogelio 6
28039, Madrid

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